Zodiac Candles

  • $25.00

Our first Collaboration with Moonrise Candle Co.  is beyond our expectations!  Enjoy 4 delicious scents that match each Element (Earth, Fire, Water,Air). 

Candles are made from 100% Soy

8 oz jars


Zodiac Details-

Sign: Aquarius/Gemini /Libra

Element : AIR

Scent: Lavender, Hemp, & Oud

Sign: Pisces/ Cancer/ Scorpio

Element: WATER

Scent: Tobacco & Moss


Sign: Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius 

Element: FIRE

Scent: Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Cedar

Sign: Taurus/ Virgo/ Capricorn 

Element: EARTH

Scent: Tonka, Sage, & Vetiver