KinkySweat X Aliensofbrooklyn Exclusive Golden Emerald Flannel

  • $95.00

The Exclusive Flannels are back with even more Character!

This Flannel is Bleached out and dipped dyed with Yellow, Green, And Orange, in a horizontal gradient. It is given some edge with Black paint dragged down the front.

**Disclaimer: Not all Flannels will look exactly like picture, they are individually made and we try our best to keep the integrity of the original design. Also some flannels will have one pocket and some will have two.  Inventory varies. 

Super Soft Flannels

Upcycled-Acid Washed and/or Tie Dyed

50% cotton/ 50% Rayon

These Flannels are all in Men’s Sizing

Available Sizes in: S-2XL